Blogging from my iphone

Well almost a week into my phone switch and I am in heaven (as close as I can get to heaven at the Newark airport). Being a devoted Treo fan for years, I was scared of making the change to an iPhone. The browser sealed the deal though. No other mobile device comes close. Not to mention all of the apps and the interface. While it has taken a few days to get used to typing on the screen, I actually feel this is superior to my last Treo 680 (I haven’t tried a blackberry to compare). But the HTML rendering of email is much more eye appealing than the plain text of most blackberrys. There is not a mobile device available that is suitable for anything more than microblogging, however I would have never attempted blogging from my treo at all and I have had data access for years. Even if there was a way to do it (other than the wordpress email plugin).

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Published On: Sep 20, 2008