AdWords not working…. Even for Google.

If Adwords has not worked for you, don’t fret, you are not alone. Apparently not even Google can promote enough business through Adwords to salvage certain projects.

Google announced today that they will no longer be supporting real estate listings on their Google maps. Google states the reasons for this are:

In part due to low usage, the proliferation of excellent property-search tools on real estate websites, and the infrastructure challenge posed by the impending retirement of the Google Base API (used by listing providers to submit listings), we’ve decided to discontinue the real estate feature within Google Maps on February 10, 2011.

They are excited about the way their services have been used but feel that the industry overall can be better served with a different feature set.

One of their data providers ( has stated that Google attempted a number of marketing strategies to promote this feature but never got any significant traction. They even did Google ads with Adwords but none of which pushed any significant traffic, or increased uptake.

I guess Adwords doesn’t work for everybody, no matter what your budget is, even unlimited. It is a good thing organic search optimization still works.

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Published On: Jan 26, 2011