2 Easy Steps to Make your Miami Website your Perfect Employee


If your Miami based website was a member of your team what would it look like? Would it be someone who would get fired for sleeping on the job and always missing deadlines? Or is it your number one sales rep who is fast, effective and always has a smile on its face? Just like any other member of your staff, reviewing and refocusing your website is crucial. Here are two easy ways to review your website so that it can perform at its best.

1. Watch your Links and Toolbars

First, make sure all of the links and webpages are working properly. Go through each link, menu bar and anything else clickable and check that it goes to the right place. Nothing makes audiences grumpier than finding a link to something they want to learn about only to discover that it doesn’t go anywhere.

While this may seem like a simple problem, studies show that the average internet user has a minuscule attention span. Even a second delay can reduce your number of viewers by 11%, and faulty links and broken pages only add to the problem.

We here at South Florida Web Studio use SEOmoz and thier great campaign tools to automatically crawl our websites on a weekly basis and report back any “Page not found” (404 errors) warnings. We can then easily see if there are any broken links on our site and fix them. We either change the link or apply a 301 redirect to the proper page.

2. Create Content Worth Reading

Remember your website is more than a brochure or a welcome mat; it is your company’s first point of contact with many of your current and potential clients. Don’t make them feel unwelcome and frustrated with bad copy. Scan through each page for spelling errors, and out of date information, then change it to something more relevant.

Once the nitty gritty part is done, help your viewers get the most out of your website by including, pictures videos and easy digestible content. Make sure it capture’s your businesses voice and style, but avoids too much fluff or rambling nonsense. When all else fails remember keeping it simple and to the point is your best course of action. If you follow these simple steps you will be on your way to having that perfect website that will work hard for you.

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Published On: May 8, 2013