SoFla Drupal Content Management Systems

Do you want a full featured website but want to your keep cost down? South Florida Web Studio’s Content Management System (SoFla CMS) offers the perfect solution. SoFla CMS enables you to make updates on the fly without any prior knowledge of HTML or design. Update your website yourself utilizing a familiar (MSWord-style) interface. You have the freedom to create, modify and remove content with our easy to use CMS system.

Extending the functionality of your site is very easy with built in modules, 3rd party modules, and custom module development. Our CMS systems separate the programming code from the design and the content so making changes to the way your website operates will not affect the overall design and layout.

We do provide custom programmed solutions, however we have found that utilizing open-source systems saves money and time while allowing for unprecedented flexibility and community support. Building off the most flexible and robust platform, our South Florida Drupal Development team can can provide solutions for any business.


Drupal is a highly flexible Content Management Framework. The standard release of Drupal, known as Drupal core, can be configured and built upon to create robust and sophisticated applications and websites. Our Drupal based systems are built on a LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) platform. We provide Drupal installation, configuration, customization, themes, programming and hosting services.

Contact us to find out how a SoFla CMS using Drupal can save you money and time.