Greyson WordPress Website Maintenance

Greyson WordPress MaintenanceGreyson Technologies needed a partner to handle maintenance of their existing WordPress Website. Being an IT Solutions company, Greyson understands the value of strong security and best practices for all virtual products and technology solutions. Their team is busy providing these services to their clients and does not specialize in Web Development or Web Programming. And their marketing team was already stretched thin with everyone extremely busy and not able to take the time to learn how to maintain their important web presence.

SoFla Web Studio fit this need perfectly. Our team began by initiating a web security and web performance audit on their site. We then proceeded into a monthly maintenance agreement that includes all updates on the WordPress website including core files, all plugins, and themes. We also set up monitoring for security and uptime. The agreement also includes time every month for any simple content updates and/or training if someone within their organization wants to change content but doesn’t remember where to do so.

Many clients appreciate our team always being available to assist in making content updates because we are intimately familiar with the dashboard interface and can help them to complete a task much more efficiently than if they are to do it alone. This time-saving ability can pay for itself month over month from day 1.