August 2010

Standard Banner Sizes - IAB Ad Unit Guidelines

Standard Ad Banner SizesJust to make things easier for all of us, we are posting a quick reference to standard ad unit sizes. We are asked quite frequently about this and of course since a picture is worth a thousand words it will be much easier to refer our clients to this than to find a new website to link to each time.

The following standard ad dimendions have been obtained from the website.

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Net Neutrality - we should all be concerned

Net Neutrality I have been reading quite a bit about Net Neutrality over the past several years. Obviously, because of the industry I am in, this is of great concern to me. However, it seems that the general public should be very concerned also. The importance of the Internet in all of our daily lives is unprecedented and will only grow in the future. Our reliance and dependence on the open information available to us is many times taken for granted.

Net Neutrality is a complex issue, but to break down in a simple form, it involves regulating the traffic on the Internet. Since the inception of the Internet, we have had free reign to travel where and when we want. Using Landline Internet (meaning connected to cable, phoneline, etc... Not cellular or satellite) we have not been limited to how much we can download and from where.

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South Florida Web Design - Competition heats up

Cheap Web DesignSeveral months ago, while driving to lunch, I spotted a sign near a warehouse area here in Hollywood Florida. It was one of these small signs that usually get posted illegally near a highway off-ramp and generally promote some of the following:

  • Buy your old home
  • Help you clean your credit
  • Buy a new mattress
  • Help you out of foreclosure
  • Etc....

However, this particular sign was promoting cheap web site design. I took a snapshot with my camera and posted it to my Facebook page.

Today I came across another sign and this one was right outside of my building in the parking lot. And I can see how the competition is starting to get fierce since they are less than half of the price from the one I saw a few months ago. And these guys even added their URL to the bottom. Way to go, now that is what I call progressive thinking.

Can these companies really be serious?

I would love to see more of these if anyone has them, please add your photos to the comments below.

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Google Places allows businesses to respond to reviews

It's about time and really a necessity for any type of 3rd party review service to allow for the business to respond to a review. Without a response the business is vulnerable to attack and does not have recourse. This could happen for any type of reason but sometimes it is just an unhappy customer who makes a "mountain out of a mole hill" or really blows things out of proportion. In the worst case scenario it could be someone (a competitor) trying to sabatoge your buisness.

Either way it is not good

Google announced, Wed. Aug 4, 2010, on the Lat Long Blog that verified business owners can now respond to individual customer reviews on Google Places, good or bad. Google places, if you recall was formerly known as Google Local Business Center.

This is a great benefit for the business for two primary reasons:

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