September 2011

Search Engine Optimization Explained in 3 minutes (with video)

Looking for a quick, very basic tutorial of what Search Engine Optimization actually is?

The folks at along with Common Craft have put together a fine little presentation about "What is SEO". If SEO has piqued your interest for you business (and it really should) but you don't quite understand it just yet, take 3 minutes of your day and watch the video below. It is well worth the effort.

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How To Download and Install the Raven Toolbar for Firefox

We are big fans of and love the tool set they provide.
They have a great online suite of applications that make organizing and managing SEO campaigns a breeze, especially multiple campaigns. Not to mention the tool set is agency friendly with full user and permission control.

Raven Tools Firefox tool bar has become a "must-have" component in our browser (I am still waiting for the Chrome version...).
The raventools toolbar makes it very easy to interact with your web properties and perform many of the more tedious SEO tasks (such as tracking links in your link building campaigns) or quickly accessing differnt personas for your different websites.

However with the recent new updates to Firefox (versions 4, 5 & 6 coming out very recently) and the fact that I have to maintain a browser across at least 4 different computers (My main office PC, conference room PC, Laptop & home PC) I have had to do many updates recently. And each time I update, I would always do a google search for the raventools toolbar or raven toolbar for firefox or maybe even raventools firefox toolbar. However, my search never turns up relevant results.
I eventually found the answer I needed in the raventools knowledge base:

Firefox Toolbar

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