June 2010

What to do when your Search Engine Ranking Drops

A recent article over at Search Engine Round Table discussed How SEO Experts React To Search Rank Drops. The information was derived from a post on Webmaster World Forums and really comes down to common sense.

Anyone working in SEO for any amount of time will know that fluctuations in the Search Engine Rankings are quite common, it is just a matter of how you deal with them. The post at Webmaster World provided some suggestions as to how to approach these fluctuations.

I am going to provide their suggestions and my interpretation

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Go Away IE6

RIP IE6With the release of HTML 5 coming, the internet and its developers have reached the point of no return. Developers have logged extra hours, dealt with extra (unnecessary) headaches, and have had to continue to plan for the browser of the internet stone age (back when dinosaurs roomed the web in 2001). 
Well Twitter is buzzing and the internet community has rallied, IE6 is being caste out and battered.
Even major sites like Facebook, Digg, and Youtube have ended IE6 support.

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