August 2009

Start thinking like a publisher or a socializer...


At recent Internet & Technology Summit, Keynote speaker Mike Volpe, VP of Inbound Marketing @, presented "The Future of Marketing".

Mike wrapped up his presentation with the following two points:

  1. Stop thinking like an advertiser or marketer
  2. Start thinking like a publisher or a socializer

After hearing this, I thought of a recent email I had received from Perry Ellis. I am subscribed to the Perry Ellis newsletter, because I shop at their store and I like the fact that they honor mobile coupons. Their emails generally contain a deal of some sort and when I bring in my Iphone with the email, I get the credit. I don't have to print anything (saving paper and the environment) and I don't have to remember to do anything (since I always have my phone with me).

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Just add a form to my website...

So many times we are told to just put a sign-up form on a website. No discussion about goals, required fields, actions, validations or anything whatsoever. Just "Put a newsletter sign up form on my website", is many times all we are told. Asking any questions from our team usually results in a futile lecture about web principles and usability that the client will never understand or retain. It's nice to know that there are some people out there who "get it". I came across this article several months ago. Although it is a year old (which is ages in Internet time) the principles are still true today and I can see them holding ground for the foreseeable future. Check out the Web Form Design Patterns Part 1 & Part 2 for a great read on all of the thought that goes into creating those "simple" sign-up forms.

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