December 2008

Marketing sarcasm in a slow economy

With the slew of marketing emails I receive (and you too, I'm sure), I was recently taken off-guard by a sarcastic message that turned out to be quite humorous. While I do not use Rackspace and I in no way endorse them, I am, for some odd reason, on their mailing list (imagine that, an email from a company I didn't sign up with). The subject of the email was simple enough and caught my eye for a scan (rather than a quick delete) Helpful hints for maximizing your business budget The email was properly created, using images and text so that a quick scan would tell me what I need to know without downloading images. I saw the bullet points and then decided to download the images. It wasn't until a few moments when it actually sank in. At that point, I got the joke and had to read the rest of the email. 
Helpful Hints for Maximizing Your Business Budget  

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